Section 3 - Clubs Council

(1)        Membership of the Clubs Council shall be:

(a)        Clubs Council Representatives who are appointed as delegates to the Clubs Council from Student Groups.

(b)        The President;

(c)        The Clubs and Activities Officer;

(d)        The Treasurer-Secretary;

(2)        The Clubs Council shall meet at least once a year.

(3)        Each student group shall possess one vote exercised in person by a delegate.

(4)        No person shall be a delegate for more than one student group.

(5)        There shall be a Committee of the Clubs Council to administer the activities of the Council.

(a)     This committee shall be composed of:

(i)    The Clubs and Activities Officer

(ii)   The VUW Clubs Manager

(iii)  a Treasurer and

(iv) as many members as the Clubs Council appoints.

(6)        In all other matters the Council shall set its own procedure and rules, provided they are in accord with this Constitution.

(a)        Such rules and procedures must be in a written and accessible form.