Section 4 - The Student Media Committee

 (1) The Student Media Committee shall be responsible to the Executive for the financial supervision of Salient and any other media forms or publications delegated to it by the Executive.

 (2) The Committee shall consist of:

 (a) the Treasurer-Secretary, who shall convene the Committee;

(b) the President;

(c) the Publications Editor(s);

(d) one person appointed by the Publications Editor(s);

(e) one person appointed by Ngāi Tauira;

(f) two student members who shall be elected in conjunction with the Executive elections the previous year;

(g) The General Manager; and

 (h) any other people appointed by the Executive to the Committee.

 (3) The General Manager and any other person appointed by the Executive shall be non-voting members.

(4) There shall be a Publications Editors Appointment sub-committee which shall consist of:

(a) The President;

(b) Current Publications Editor(s);

(c) Both Student Media Committee student representatives; and

(d) A representative from Ngai Tauira.

(e) A further non-voting member with expertise in newspaper journalism, appointed by the Student Media Committee.

(5) If any of the above are candidates for the position, their places shall be taken by the following persons in order:

(a) For President: Academic Vice President, Welfare Vice President, Engagement Vice President, any other Executive member (appointed by the Executive).

(b) For Student Media Committee Student Representatives: Students appointed by the Student Media Committee.

(c) For Editor: Journalist, other Salient staff member chosen by the Student Media Committee.

(6) The subcommittee:

(a) Shall advertise the position of the Publications Editor for the following year.

(b) Shall set and advertise the closing date for applications.

(c) Shall consider the candidates.

 (d) May appoint a candidate to the position for the following year.

 (7) In the event that an appointment is not made at that time the Committee shall determine how the appointment shall be made.

(8) If the event that the position becomes vacant during the year of appointment, the subcommittee shall appoint a new Publications Editor for the remainder of the year, provided that if the Editor has been dismissed from office, they shall not form part of the sub-committee.

(9) This appointment shall be made subject to the provisions of a contract of employment approved by the Executive between the Executive and the appointee(s).

 (10) The Publications Editor employment shall be terminated in case of death or resignation or termination by the employer.