2017-2021 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan outlines key strategies we divert our energy to over a three-year period. It ensures that you consistently receive an outstanding level of service and a strong student voice across Victoria University  from year-to-year.


To get the best deal for students

In everything we do, we work for the best interest of students. It is our job to support students and to tell the story of student life at Vic. 



1. Representation
Students must be represented at all levels and be involved in all decision-making processes that affect their education and their experience at the University. As their representatives, VUWSA must be credible, informed and independent.

2. Engagement
VUWSA is an integral aspect of the University community. We help students stay on track, complete their studies and enhance their student experience. We uphold the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. We promote and support diversity and equity. We support students to play an active role in their communities.

3. Democracy
VUWSA is student-led: All members must be able to play an active role in the direction and governance of VUWSA. We believe in the principle and power of democracy, in strong democratic structures.

4. Accountability  
We are an open, transparent and responsible organisation. We have strong and effective governance and management arrangements. We implement best ethical and environmental practices and are committed to the principle of excellence for students.

2017-2021 Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1

Establish a powerful student voice

We will assert our position as an influential interest group and represent student interests. We’ll do this by connecting with key decision-makers such as VUW, Wellington City and Regional Councils and Parliament. We’ll also strengthen our many student representatives across the University.

Strategic Goal 2

Build collective strength with student groups

As the primary representative body for students, we will deepen our relationships with student groups such as faculty societies, representative groups and clubs. We are stronger when we work together, and VUWSA should be a key link in facilitating engagement between student groups.

Strategic Goal 3 

Grow our engagement with students

We will be visible, approachable and active with our student engagement. Our job is to listen and then speak on behalf of the students we represent.

Strategic Goal 4 

A strong Association

We are independent from the University. We will strengthen our independence and shore up our financial sustainability to ensure we continue to work solely in the best interests of students. We’ll do this while delivering high-quality and relevant student services.

Strategic Goal 5 

A student friendly Wellington

As a capital-city students association, we will be a leading voice on student issues. We’ll advocate for student-friendly policies in the Wellington region, ensuring that students’ diverse needs are supported by key decision-makers.

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