This year, we get to decide who will represent us in the Wellington City Council, Wellington Regional Council and Capital & Coast District Health Board.

The people on these Councils choose how to address issues that affect us - whether it be housing, environment, public transport,  or healthcare.

But… Students don’t normally engage in local government.

One of the big reasons are that voting is done by post. With moving flats year-to-year common among students, students can often forget to update their details and therefore don’t receive their voting papers.

And secondly, local government just isn’t as popular as central government politics, with very few young people standing for the positions and poor engagement of young people by those bodies.

We here at VUWSA want this to change this Local Body Election.

Currently, local government is underutilised in addressing issues that affect students every single day. If we have a strong student voting block then we can use that influence in the years to come and push for issues like fairer housing for students, a public transport system that works and bold environmental action.

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We will post any events that we have coming up here to get students enrolling and voting. We will be visiting halls and doing activations on campus.

You can also keep an eye out for specific events on our Facebook.

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