Celebrating diversity is Gold

The Blues Awards ceremony, held 21 September, has been recognising the achievements of Victoria University’s best athletes for over 100 years. Students who are selected to compete at a regional, national or international level in their chosen sport while successfully pursuing their studies are awarded the highest accolade the university can bestow.

But what about the non-athletes among us?

Until this year exceptional students were recognised for service and leadership through the Vic Plus Award, commitment to volunteering through the Vic Volunteer Awards, and leadership in the student community through the VUWSA Student Representation Celebration. However, noticeably missing was any recognition of exceptional achievement in the cultural sphere and the outstanding contributions of clubs.

That is until this year.

Working together with VUWSA and Victoria Recreation we pitched the idea of the Gold & Supreme Club Awards to the university. While the idea was received enthusiastically from decision makers, it was unclear whether the event would be able to happen this year or if the plans would be put in place for next year.

Through the work of some passionate people and strong event management we pulled it off. The inaugural Gold & Supreme Club Awards ceremony took place yesterday. 34 Gold Award recipients who demonstrated excellence in their chosen cultural field and five clubs were recognised for their outstanding contributions to the university community.

It was an incredible event and a long overdue opportunity to recognise the achievements of those students. 

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Tor Sellwood – Clubs and Activities Officer