Introducing: VUWSA's guide to flatting

Are you about to go flatting for the first time and unsure when to start? Or maybe you've had a bad experience in the past and don't want to repeat it?

We've put together a resource to help you navigate the world of flatting in Wellington. It combines both legal and practical tips about where to look and what to think about when your are looking for a flat, and takes you all the way through the different stages of flatting from move-in to move-out.

In the guide we have also included some typical problems that students often come up against, how you can tackle them, and a list of organisations who can help you out if you get in a sticky situation.

The best way to avoid these situations is by taking time to find a good place, with a good landlord and good flatmates. But we know that it's not as simple as that- the lack of decent affordable flats in Wellington can make flat hunting a frustrating and demoralizing experience. 

While this guide will be no means guarantee you a breezy flatting experience, we hope it will give you some useful tips. Meanwhile, we'll keep campaigning for a rental warrant of fitness and other changes to try and improve what is currently a dire situation for student renters.

Click here to read our Flatting Guide

This guide is not a finished product- we'd love to hear your feedback about how it could be made better!

Thanks to our partners, the Community Justice Project for putting this together with us. 

Rory Lenihan Ikin – Welfare Vice President