Education Officer

This year in 2016 we had some major focuses in the Education Team, including a review of the tutor system, and working on submissions against proposed language cuts at Victoria.

Tutor Review: Report to the Senior Leadership team

This has been my biggest project and my focus for the whole year. The main issues were inconsistency between disciplines of pay, training and support. I conducted a survey and 250 people replied with some very interesting comments. There was a huge focus of tutors feeling they were undervalued and not treated as equals and poorly treated. Therefore, when the Learning and Teaching Committee brought up tutors at one of the meetings. We jumped at the chance and so along with our Student Rep Coordinator and Academic VP we wrote a submission to the Senior Leadership Team with all of our data and comments. They listened and are now conducting a University-wide review of tutoring. This is such a big win.

VUW proposed cuts to the Euro Languages Department

This was another big focus in the last few months. VUW announced in the last week of semester they would be making significant cuts to the Euro Languages Department. This was met with huge uproar of the students, a petition signed by 2000 that was presented to the Vice-Chancellor and of course many submissions. We wrote a submission on behalf of VUWSA and are awaiting the outcome.

Annaliese Wilson,

Education Officer