Generally 2016 has been about as much fun as getting hit by a bus while crossing Manners St.

But at VUWSA things have been a bit different. I won’t lie, it’s been the hardest year of my life, but by far has had one of the biggest payoffs (not in monetary terms though, let’s not get carried away). Some of the people I’ve been privileged enough to encounter have changed my life and I hope they’ll stay with me for some time to come.

My job has been to demand reports from the executive, save money and generally faff about in offices. But the rest of the VUWSA executive have moved mountains. In addition to being students, working jobs to pay their rent, having the lives normally expected of a human, they’ve worked their asses off for students often without ever being seen to be doing anything at all, and almost never with a thank you. Together we opposed outsourcing of pre-degree pathways, worked with International Students to stop them being treated as cash-cows, backed students who opposed huge cuts in their faculties, got Gold Awards on the calendar to celebrate cultural achievement, started a Volunteer Army and as always served a veritable torrent of hot vegan-friendly curry. As well as the myriad of small bits of work around the place everyone has chipped in for.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thank you to the 2016 Executive for doing everything conceivably possible to make Victoria University and Wellington the best place it can be for students. It’s been so humbling to be part of the team.

2016 is a write off (RIP Harambe, Alan Rickman and Western Democracy). But seeing the giants of Victoria Uni students on the horizon has given me hope that by 2026 things won’t be so bad.

George Grainger,