OWeek 2016!

It was a busy OWeek!

OWeek recap...

Starting the week of the 22nd February there was a Toga Party, followed by David Dallas later in the week. International rapper G-Eazy performed on Saturday 27 February (need we say more!). 

G-Eazy was followed by a long line up of concerts and events including ‘Afternoon Live’ (in conjunction with Salient) featuring New Zealand artists Nadia Reid, Claudia Jardine and Solomon Crook; an Intergalactic Table Tennis Tournament; Chrome Sparks from the United States; Cyril Hahns from Switzerland; and Newtown Ave Stage.

Around 6,000 free OBags packed full of goodies, including diaries and wallplanners were given to students Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm at the Campus Expo, Kelburn Campus. An additional 400 free tacos were cooked and served to students each day from 12pm.

A koha-entry Pop-Up Lunch on the Wednesday 2 April with pizzas and Six Barrel Soda on Kelburn Campus.

A fresh, affordable Fruit and Vege Market (which will run during Trimesters 1 and 2) also ran during OWeek. 

An all-day bus to pick up and drop off students from Halls’ of Residence to Newtown Festival on the Sunday 6 March.

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