Outsourcing is no source of education

Think about why you came to Victoria. Some of us wanted a degree. Some of us wanted to expand our knowledge on a particular subject and maybe discover ones we never knew existed.

We all left something and sacrificed a place and time to be students at Vic. To have the prestigious Victoria name on our CVs. We trusted that Vic would teach us, look after us and guide us to grow as humans.

I guess you could say we were becoming part of the Victoria brand.

Now think of that desire you had when you decided to attend Vic. Now think of how you’d feel if Vic outsourced your study to another provider. Initially pretending they would look after you, but then changing their transactional agreement without student or programme consultation. They decide partway through your programme, to give the responsibility to someone else.

Yet, they’re already planning to do this. This is their plan for our international pre-degree pathway programmes.

Despite the programme having not been reviewed in over eight years VUW is potentially going to outsource this programme so they can meet their projected growth targets.

That’s right. They’re not outsourcing to better support students who leave their home countries in pursuit of a Victoria University of Wellington education. They’re not outsourcing following a programme review or student consultation – the school was not even contacted during this review process. They’re outsourcing to meet strategic goals that counter the 'student experience second to none' that they hope to achieve.

Outsourcing education for students who come precisely for the Victoria student experience is unthinkable.

It's no secret international students pay much more for the same programmes than domestic students do. This is just another reason to add to the argument that international students’ fees just 'balance the books' of Victoria University’s budget.

I hope you as fellow students can share the apprehension about this proposition and agree that international students are NOT commodities – they are an integral part of the Vic community and we stand with them.

Let me know how you feel about all this. I am keen to hear your thoughts: avp@vuwsa.org.nz

Jacinta Gulasekharam – Academic Vice President