Outsourcing pathways creates winding degrees

Recently VUWSA made a submission to the University regarding the future of the Foundation Studies pre-degree pathway, which mostly affects international students who are coming to Victoria.

On Monday morning, the University’s internal newsletter, Vic News arrived in my Inbox including a section on consultation. VUWSA’s submission to the University was the programme should be kept in-house in the interest of the student experience and education quality.

VUWSA stood alongside the VUWSA International Students Association, against this proposal. I found out via Vic News the University is commencing conversations with third party providers to outsource the programme by 2017. 

I am disappointed the University has chosen to progress with outsourcing Foundation Studies. I am disappointed the university dismissed the overwhelming submissions against this proposal.

Does Victoria value its students or its bottom line?

Jacinta Gulasekharam – Academic Vice President