A TEU Voices of Tertiary Education symposium update...to rugby

I've been leading some research and consultation around the Productivity Commission’s tertiary sector investigation. Here's what I told them and the people at the TEU Voices of Tertiary Education symposium:

Binding is important. Before we engage and push forward with our scrum together, there’s no point trying, unless we are all working together (looking at you, Universities NZ).

It’s a game of two halves. Fair enough going full brunt and exhausting your resources and bench before half time. I’m sure it’ll get you to the top of the table (see: Auckland Uni), but is it worth it if your team is tired and under performing in the second half? And, worst-of-all, injured for the next game? This is currently how the tertiary funding model works: make sure you win (grow your EFTS) or you’re out of the game.

We need to referee a game that's fair. The rules of the game (ie. the funding model, Studylink etc.) dictate the degree that people will be able to enjoy and play the game.

The game is only at its best when the players, audience, coaches, bench warmers, touch judges, referees, water carriers, and commentators are all being constructive about the game and leading it to a better outcome. Each person from the groundskeeper to the captain of the team has a responsibility to lead the game to its best level. Even the two teams in opposition are ultimately competing for the same purpose, to be the best at the game.

VUWSA needs you to help look at the rules of the game in September when we launch consultation on the new rules proposed by the Productivity Commission – look forward to giving you the call up in a few months. 

Jacinta Gulasekaram – Academic Vice President