President's update – August 2016

Kia ora koutou

We’ve received a wave of support for our recently-launched Student Friendly Wellington campaign. Council candidates have been in and out of my office pledging their support, saying it’s refreshing to see students mobilising themselves – influencing the local body election. Students have been saying our commitments are common sense – for them to succeed at Vic they need a Rental Warrant of Fitness so their flats don’t make them sick, and a 50% tertiary discount on public transport so they can afford the bus to class. Our campaign is about creating real change in the lives of students.

Make sure you show your support by attending our Fairer Fares Forum with Regional Council candidates straight after our Annual General Meeting at 1pm next Wednesday! (Free pizza!)

For us, creating a Student Friendly Wellington goes beyond the upcoming local body election. As the University firms up its plans to double the number of students in the coming years and as the student experience goes beyond just what we learn in the classroom, a Student Friendly Wellington is crucial to our success in this City. A Student Friendly Wellington is one of our strategic goals for the next five years, and forms part of our Strategic Plan 2017-2021, which we will also be launching at the AGM on Wednesday. At the AGM, I hope to clearly define VUWSA’s purpose and declare our intentions for the student-voice moving forward. It’s up to you to hold us accountable to this so I really hope to see you there!

I know a big part of your concerns at Vic is the amount of fees and levies you pay and how teaching, learning and services can be improved. Thanks so much to the nearly 1,000 of you who completed our recent Student Services Levy and Fees Survey. The survey has helped us identify areas of improvement for the University, namely in the areas of health, counselling, career development and employment. These services are all up for review this year by the Advisory Committee for the Student Services Levy (ACSSL). We’ll ensure your views are taken into account during these reviews. 

The annual Rant with Grant (a chat with the Vice-Chancellor Grant Guilford and Chancellor Sir Neville Jordan) will happen again next month. Traditionally, this has been to discuss fees and where the University is spending them, but has also expanded so you can ask questions to our University leaders. This is set down for 19 September – more details to come!

Noho ora mai,


Jonathan Gee – President