Public service announcement – half-priced rubbish bags!

As a keen environmentalist, I’m aware that environmentalism comes in all sizes. But, I’ve always been a proponent of small things that can be done on a daily basis, from hanging out your washing instead of using the dryer, or taking a reusable coffee cup. For me, it’s about lessening our environmental impacts, but saving a few (or more) dollars is always a bonus. 

And if you’re anything like me, the sight of properly separated recycling and waste gets me a bit giddy (okay, maybe it’s better if you’re not like me…). Moving from Auckland, where rubbish and recycling is separated into wheelie bins, to Wellington, where few properties even have accessibility for such bins, it took some getting used to the bag system, what goes into each bag, and the fact you have to pay for them! 

Not as much as of recent though. In an effort to create a more student-friendly Wellington (and more beautiful Wellington), we’ve collaborated with Victoria University and the Wellington City Council to bring you discounted rubbish bags and free recycling bags (for the ‘burbs’). Along with these, a handy pamphlet (printed on 100% recycled paper – yeah, baby!), outlining what can and can’t go in each bag. 

Pop into the VUWSA office at the Kelburn and Pipitea campuses (sorry Te Aro students: you’re probably more switched on about how to reduce waste anyway though, right..?) from this week with your student ID, let them know which area you live in, and get your rubbish bags at half the cost  from anywhere else. We sell bags in either singles or in packs of five. Just so it’s fair for other students, we ask you only purchase a minimum of five per visit.  

Happy recycling!

Anya Maule

Wellbeing and Sustainability Officer