Our top five tips for finding a flat.

Having trouble finding a flat? We’ve compiled five key tips to help make it a bit easier.


Agree on your ideal (and maximum) budget that you can pay for your room.

Compile a cover letter and CV for you flatmates using this template.

Contact referees (e.g. former landlords or employers) who can provide you with references.

Compile all of the details from your flatmates that are required in the Bond Lodgement Form and Tenancy Application Form, which most landlords use.


Tip 2.png

Search hard and wide:

Look out for flats on websites – TradeMe and NZ Flatmates.

Look out for flats on Facebook group – Vic Deals, Vic Flatmates Wanted, Flats and rooms for Rent Wellington and Flatmates Wanted Wellington.

Be there:

Make sure that at least one member of your flatting group is in Wellington during flat hunting season. 

Organise and go to as many flat viewings as possible.


You don’t need to suck up to the landlord or property manager, but being friendly and approachable is really important.

Take along a printed copy of your flat cover letter and CV (link) and hand it to the landlord if you are interested in the property.

Secured a flat? Stay smart:

Congrats on getting a flat!

Set up a flat bank account where the bond payment and rent payments can be paid out of – this makes it easier for everyone!

Before you move in, walk through with the landlord and take photos of any damage at the property and keep these in a shared folder accessible to all flatmates.


Other useful documents to help get you in the door: 

        Application form: https://tenancy.govt.nz/assets/Forms-templates/Pre-tenancy-application-form.pdf

        Bond lodgement form: https://tenancy.govt.nz/assets/Forms-templates/Bond-lodgement-form.pdf

       For a flatting cover letter template click here.