Welcome to 2016!

Kia ora! 

Welcome to 2016. My name is Jono, your student President. Some of my goals this year are to lead a VUWSA that is responsive to students' needs, explains VUWSA's story better and articulates a vision for Victoria students. 

Since digital is the way of the future, this year we're increasing our online engagement with this new website, Executive blogs and regular, monthly e-newsletters. We have active social media spaces, such as Facebook and Twitter, and we'll continue to use these platforms to engage with students. I want every Victoria student to know that VUWSA belongs to them; that our services are available to help them thrive while studying. 

The new Executive and I are already in full swing working for you

Last week we emailed you about our submission on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill. The Government has proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act with the aim to make homes 'warmer, drier and safer'. We're also currently working on an oral submission, and we'll speak to Parliament 11 February. 

We'd still like your input

If you haven't yet completed our Housing and Transport survey, you still have time! Our input is only part of the story, and will be strengthened by yours. We'll use the cumulative feedback from the survey as part of our next submission, to help inform our campaign for the local body election in October. Any comments provided in the survey will be used for information purposes only. Your results will not be personally identifiable when the data is collated. Survey closes 7 February at 8pm. 

Council conversations

We've already started connecting with the City Council. Over the last few weeks I've met with city councillors and mayoral candidates – all part of my strategy of pushing for a more student-friendly Wellington. 

Remember that I work for you, so never hesitate to contact me.



Jonathan Gee
Email: president@vuwsa.org.nz
Phone: (04) 463 6986
Mobile: 021 2074 132
Facebook: facebook.com/Jono4Prez
Twitter: @JonathanPWGee