President: Tamatha Paul

T Paul.jpg

Meet Tam, your VUWSA President for 2019. Tam is VUWSA’s main spokesperson in the media and has the responsibility of forming positive relationships with University leaders and local and national government representatives to make sure students are always getting the best deal.

Tam is the first ever Māori woman to be elected as VUWSA President and she’s keen to focus on mental health, sexual violence prevention and better rental standards for homes in Wellington this year.

Academic Vice President: Geo Robrigado

G Robrigado.jpg

Geo is your Academic Vice President. He sits on Academic Board and Academic Committee at the university and works with class reps, faculty delegates and other student reps to make sure you’re getting a top quality education here at Victoria University of Wellington.

Geo is from the Philippines and is also involved with Buklod: the VUW Filipino Student Society. He wants to use his year as AVP to make sure students take ownership of their education.

Acting Welfare Vice President: Michael Turnbull


Michael is your acting Welfare Vice President and is in charge of making sure VUWSA and the university are providing students with safe and supportive spaces to study, work, live and have fun. This includes supporting the Thursdays in Black campaign, running events like Stress Free Study Week and heading up campaigns like The Wait is Over, aimed at making sure students’ mental health is being looked after.

Michael was previously our Wellbeing & Sustainability Officer who has stepped up to the plate following Rhianna’s resignation. We thank Rhianna for her awesome work this year including Sex Week, VUW’s new sexual violence policy, SFSW and more!

Engagement Vice President:

Te Puawai, VUWSA's Engagement Vice President resigned to follow her heart and we wish her all the best!

The Engagement VP helps our VUWSA staff in organising fun student events throughout the year including OWeek, Re-Set and Artsweek.

They also help spearhead political and welfare campaigns and try get students involved in voting, political submissions and general democracy.

Treasurer/Secretary: Delia Fu

D Fu.jpg

Delia is our Treasurer/Secretary for 2019. She’s in charge of making sure VUWSA is spending our portion of the Student Services Levy in ways that best benefit the students who pay it.

She hopes to make sure VUWSA is financially stable and transparent in the way they use student money and ensure VUWSA can continue doing the awesome work that it does through events, welfare programmes and political campaigns.

Campaigns Officer: Finn Carroll

F Carroll.jpg

Finn is in charge of political and welfare campaigns for 2019. Finn decided to come help out VUWSA on our Lettings Fees campaign in 2018 after he and his flatmates made the news after being charged almost $1500 to change two names on his lease.

Finn is keen to see better representation of Māori and Pasifika students and more representation for the LGBTI+ community on campus. He’s also backing The Wait is Over campaign to get better mental health support services for students.

Clubs and Activities Officer: Millie Osborne

M Osborn.jpg

Millie wants to make uni about more than just your academic experiences. As Clubs and Activities Officer, Millie wants to make sure all students know about clubs and groups they can be a part of on campus and celebrate the works these groups do in creating communities.

Millie believes making university more than just going to class increases students’ wellbeing and the promotion and accessibility of clubs should be a higher priority for VUWSA and the University.

Equity Officer: Komal Singh

K Sing.jpg

Komal is our 2019 Equity Officer and holds a very important role liaising with our representative groups on campus through the Equity and Diversity Committee.

Komal wants to see Māori and Pasifika students have a voice when it comes to the University making big decisions. She wants to see consistent advocacy and support for victims of sexual assault and make VUWSA events more inclusive for international students. She is also interest in creating a rep group for immigrants and immigrant children.

Education Officer: Rinaldo Strydom

R Sorydom.jpg

As Education Officer, Rinaldo works with the VUWSA Academic Vice President to make sure you’re getting the best out of your education here at Vic.

Rinaldo aims to be available for all students who are wanting to discuss how to make studying at Vic better. He wants to lobby the university to record all lectures for those who can’t be in class and he wants to use 2019 to promote awareness of student services available on campus, particularly for students with special needs.

Interim Wellbeing and Sustainability Officer: Sophie Brooker

Our Wellbeing and Sustainability Officer, works with the Welfare Vice President to make sure students are feeling safe and supported on campus, while also spearheading eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives on campus.