Use our free advocacy service 

We all need someone who can support us. Our advocacy service is professional and confidential. We are 100% independent from the University, which means the advice which we provide will always be in your best interest. 

Our advocacy service is here to:

  • help you understand your options, rights and responsibilities
  • help you raise an an issue or make a complaint
  • facilitate communication, mediate disputes, problem-solve
  • assist you in appeal procedures
  • prepare you for meetings and even attend them with you
  • advocate on your behalf
  • refer you to the best services to help

Have a problem? Our advocacy service can help

Our advocacy service helps students deal with academic and personal problems.

Use our advocacy service when you:

  • feel you've been treated unfairly, or think a Victoria policy or rule has been applied poorly or unfairly to your situation or circumstance.
  • are seeking information or referrals about non-academic issues affecting your studies like employment disputes, finances and tenancy problems.
  • want to clarify your options, rights or responsibilities
  • need to understand which policies or procedures apply to your situation
  • need someone to advise on any problems between yourself and another member of the University community
  • are appealing a grade or making another academic decision
  • have been harassed or are feeling unsafe on campus. 

Hardship fund

All students pay a levy to the Hardship Fund, which allocates money to financially troubled students through an application process. 

Grants are decided via the Hardship Committee on a weekly basis after your appointment with a Student Financial Adviser. Successful applicants are notified on the next Wednesday after their appointment.

For more information:

If you need help making ends meet, VUWSA can help out with the food side of things: 

Need help? Come and see me 

 erica schouten - student advocate

erica schouten - student advocate

Phone: 04 463 6984 or text 022 563 6984
Visit: VUWSA Reception, Level 4, Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus

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