Wai-te-ata parking passes – save 50% with VUWSA parking pass!

Students with a VUWSA Student Pass are eligible for a 50% discount to park on Wai-te-ata Road! These passes are free to all students. 

Complete the form to the right to get your 50% parking discount. 

Please note:

There is no free student parking on any of the campuses, unless you have a bike or motorbike but do park in the designated spaces only!

Pro Tip - Restrict access to your cars details, that way car parking companies wont know who you are, and thus have trouble sending you a ticket Click here

The student parking permit must be clearly displayed  when parking in Wai-Te-Ata parks. Students are not permitted to park in any other parks on campus, excluding Pay and Display (Wai-te-ata).  Students who park in any areas marked in NP, yellow lined/painted areas or pedestrian areas excluding the mobility park at Wai-te-ata will be ticketed.

Terms and conditions

VUWSA Student Passes must be displayed on the dashboard or front windscreen of the vehicle, so that the front of the permit is clearly legible from the outside of the vehicle. Please remember to inform VUWSA if your contact details or registration number changes so we can update our records.

If you park anywhere other than the pay and display Wai-Te-Ata Rd parking on or near campus you may receive a parking ticket.

Please read the terms and conditions of this car parking pass agreement by clicking here.

Fairlie Terrace Parking

Parking at Fairlie Terrace (Gate 10, available to creche users only) remain on the permit system.

Click here to download the application form.

Applications for Trimester 3 permits is open from October 25 to November 7.

Fairlie Terrace Parking - permit costs

Trimester 1 – $270.00
Trimester 2 – $270.00
Trimester 3 – $150.00



Wai-te-ata student pass application 

Please fill in the following details and come into the VUWSA Kelburn Office (Level 4, Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus) with your Student ID to collect your pass. Please allow at least one working day for your parking pass to be printed. You will then be able to collect your pass from the VUWSA reception. 

The passes are free and the information we collect is solely for the purposes of the parking passes, and won't be used for anything else or passed onto any third parties.

Wai-te-ata Road Parking Pass Application

Name *
Please write the same name that is on your driver's license
Please only enter this option if you will be driving more than one car to university this year
Terms and Conditions *
I understand and accept *
The permit is only for the Wai-Te-Ata Road paid parking area. If i park elsewhere at the University and get a ticket I accept that it is my responsibility.