Who we are

We were set up by students right after the University opened its doors for lectures – way back in 1899. Our founders knew that students were the best people to represent students; and ensure the University was delivering the quality of education, experience, community, and facilities that students needed. 

The initial philosophy of students helping students still holds true today. Everyday we apply this philosophy to what we do. Tried, tested and true – we've been operating on this philosophy for years. It hasn't failed us yet, and we've helped to improve thousands of students' experiences while at Victoria. 

We're one of the oldest and largest student associations in New Zealand – our ideology of students helping students has definitely stood the test of time. 

And every year we change and adapt to new environments. We respect our history, but also know that what was needed back in 1899 is slightly different from what is needed today. That's why every five years we develop a new strategic plan. This plan outlines our direction and ensures we continually report on our wins and successes. Ultimately, it ensures students receive the level of service we guarantee. Our Plan serves as a strong student voice across Victoria – and it resonates into the years that follow.  

Find out more about how VUWSA began here

We're free to join

As a member, you have the ultimate governing role over VUWSA – it's students who have the power to say what we should be doing and in what direction we should be going. You're an integral part of this Association – so get involved.

New students are elected every year. You're free to contact our Executive about anything to do with the University, VUWSA, or students in Wellington generally.