VUWSA appoints, trains, and supports student representatives on every faculty board of the University.

As student representatives on the governing body of their respective faculty, faculty delegates help make decisions that directly affect teaching and learning, research, and the student experience. Student representatives on faculty boards perform a vital role in ensuring that students have input and a strong voice when decisions that impact them are being made.

What does a faculty delegate do?

Broadly speaking, a faculty delegate:

  • works with VUWSA, ensuring that students are heard at a faculty level
  • liaises with students in faculties on decisions before the boards
  • provides a student perspective to faculty committees
  • attends and actively participates in meetings
  • prepares for meetings by reading papers and attending pre-meetings
  • report back to VUWSA so that key decisions are carried into University-wide committees and boards such as the Academic Board and University Council.

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Find your delegates

Information about all of VUWSA’s faculty delegates and their respective Boards can be found below.

Feel free to connect with our Student Representation Coordinator about any issues, questions or comments you have about your Faculty.


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